Frequently Asked Questions

What is

- is an online-based instagram hacking app that enables you to get the victims instagram email address and password used to login on the account.

How to use

- Just enter the victims username on the field where it asks, click on the check account to validate if the account is working or NOT. If account found please continue to the next page to start the process of decipyering the account email and password. Download .txt file at the end of the process.

How to get the users account username?

- Start by visiting his/her account profile using a browser (NOT the instagram app). Search for his/her account and copy the last part of the URL that is his/her username. ex: this address were "jon" is the username.

Is it really working?

- This tool works like magic! and ask you not to pay a single dollar!

Is this legal?

InstaLeak system infiltrates on others security system or Hacking someone's account which is a violation of the LAW. But don't worry with our secured facility you are protected.